Privacy Policy

Who we are
We are Qadri Trading Company for Islamic Clothing and we
process your personal data as joint controllers. This means that
we are jointly responsible for how we process and protect your data. 

What we use your data for
We will use your data, among other purposes, to manage your registration
as a user, to manage your purchases of products or services, to respond to
your queries, and, if you wish, to send you our customised communications. 

Why we use your data
We have legal standing to process your data for various reasons. The main
reason is that we need to process your data to perform the contract that you
accept with us when you register and when you make a purchase or enjoy any
of our services or functionalities. We also use your data for other reasons, for
example, to respond to your queries or to send you newsletters that you have asked to receive from us. 

Who we share your data with
We share your data with service providers who provide us with assistance or support, these being companies for Qadri Group or third party providers, both locally and internationally.

Your rights
You have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data. In certain cases, you are also entitled to other rights, such as, for example, to object to us using your data, or to transferring your data, as explained in depth below. We encourage you to read our full Privacy and Cookies Policy below to understand in depth the manner in which we will use your personal data and your rights over your data.