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Payment Methods

Al-Karam Qadri wants to make ordering as easy as possible for you. Our accepted payment methods are Western Union, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or the following credit cards:




Shipping and Delivery

Al-Karam Qadri provides air delivery using DHL Express. DHL Express is an industry leader in shipping, providing global services and local expertise to its customers while ensuring the delivery of your order from door to door.

Utilizing the latest technology and its extensive network of offices around the world, it allows you to track your shipment at any time from when it's shipped until it arrives at your door step. 


International Orders

Our main goal is to make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible, from initial order to final delivery. We are happy that in collaboration with DHL Express, we provide you with safe and guaranteed international shipping. Please note however that some countries impose taxes, duties, customs, and may charge for the clearance of any goods entering from outside the country.

Al-Karam Qadri cannot bear the cost of such duties, and so they will be added to the total cost of your order. We advise that you check with your local customs office about any such charges to prevent unwanted surprises.                                  


Returns and Exchanges

Al Karam Qadri strives to make returns and exchanges as easy as possible.

Our return policies are listed below. While we are happy to accept returns, they need to meet a few conditions. 

  1. Payment will be returned in accordance with the manner in which it was made.
  2. Products must be unused, unworn, and undamaged. 
  3. Please return the products in its original packaging, including hangers, and any tags.
  4. If we are responsible for any error, for example, shipping the wrong product, color, or size, we will take full responsibility for all shipping costs associated with the exchange. However, if the exchange was not the result of an error on our part, the customer will need to bear the cost.
  5. Please inform Al Karam Qadri of any error within 16 hours of the day you receive the item, otherwise exchanges in which we cover the cost of the shipping are prohibited.

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