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Al Karam Qadri was founded in 1927 in Nablus, Palestine under the supervision of Mr. Daoud Hamdan Qadri. In Amman, Jordan 1980, Mr. Ibrahim Daoud Qadri continued the journey by working on building up the trademark we now know, "Al Karam Qadri," with pace and confidence, cooperating with his brothers, Haj Najeh Daoud Qadri, Haj Mohammad Ameen Qadri, and Haj Marwan Qadri. With their administrative guidance, their distant vision, and long experience in the field of trade and business, the company was keen to design and manufacture modest women clothing. Due to their continuous efforts, contribution, unity and cooperation in the growth of the company, it has become a leader and a pioneer in the Islamic clothing industry. Al Karam Qadri is now known for its excellence and diversity in the design of luxurious Abayas, elegant Galabeyas and much more, which gives the company touches of elegance and creativity to satisfy all tastes.