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For more information about wholesale & franchise please contact:

Email: Info@alkaramqadri.com | mais@alkaramqadri.com

Miss Mais Marwan Qadri: +962799000642 / +962781666107

Fax: +962064640742

Mr. Mohammed Marwan Qadri: +9626796663388 /+96264636071

Press Inquiries

Al Karam Qadri welcomes all press enquiries. Please feel free to send us a message using the following email address: info@alkaramqadri.com


Al-Karam Qadri is an exciting and dynamic company to work with if you are interested in the new, challenging world of Islamic and modest clothing. Al-Karam Qadri welcomes applications and proposals from talented individuals with education and experience in the fields of clothing and pattern design, merchandising, and marketing. Or, if you feel you can contribute to this noble endeavor in any other way, please feel free to email us at info@alkaramqadri.com

Wholesale and Franchise

Al-Karam Qadri sells wholesale from its branch in Amman, Jordan, which delivers globally. Wholesale customers can buy either in dozens or in al-Serih for large pieces. A dozen and al-Serih can only be bought as a whole.

Al-Karam Qadri is known globally for the quality and sophistication of its clothing, and offers a wide variety of sizes and colors per design.

 If you would like to become an authorized wholesaler, please contact us through the following methods:

Email: info@alkaramqadri.com

Tel:    +962799000642

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