5 mistakes to avoid when you wear Hijab!

5 mistakes to avoid when you wear Hijab! 

1 - you’re not wearing a under scarf. An under scarf can help you change the shape of your

face, and make sure that your scarf is not falling off. Even if you use a dozen of pins,

your Hijab will still slip on your hair, especially if your hair is smooth and silky.


2-  You choose “skinny” (or thin) scarves. In order to arrange your Hijab in a good way, you

need to have plenty of material to work with. If your scarf is very short or very narrow,

you will not be able to properly cover your hair and create the style that you want. It’s

always better to use wide scarves and flowy materials.


3-  You don’t iron your scarf. You only iron your Hijab when the material is wrinkled? Big

mistake! When you iron it the material will become softer, and it will be easier to arrange

it. Besides, the colors will look fresher and you can enjoy your look all day long.


4-  You add too much volume. Many Hijabis use a scrunchie to volumize their scarf, but

some of them go overboard with this. Put your hair in a ponytail and wrap a piece of

material around it; it will be more than enough.


5-  You wear more than one scarf. Yes, many girls are doing this. Wearing more than one

scarf at once is not only uncomfortable (it’s really hot outside!) but it does not look good

either. Try to wear a simple Underscarf, and one single piece on top of it. Believe me, it

will look much better!